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About the festival

Petronio Álvarez Festival

The music festival Petronio Alvaréz is the most important festival of afro culture in Latin America. In its 23 years of existence, it has positioned itself as a meeting space where the afro Colombian heritage and all its manifestations are on the spotlight for six days.

Each year, the Petronio Village brings together close to 60 thousand people to experience the music, food, traditional drinks and ancestral flavours belonging to communities from the Colombian pacific.

The event annually gathers more than 200 exhibitors from these traditions, from around 50 towns representing the Colombian pacific coast.

The Petronio Álvarez Village

The Petronio Alvarez pacific music festival has a cultural village located in the Alberto Galindo sports complex, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy of a wide showcase of the ancestral knowledge coming from the Colombian pacific.

Enterprises that revolve around traditional cuisine, traditional drinks, arts and crafts, fashion and afro aesthetics, have around 200 retail spaces, bringing the best of their lands to those who visit the Petronio .

Santiago de Cali

The Petronio Alvarez takes place in Santiago de Cali, the city with the second highest afro population in Latin America. This festival pays tribute to the cultural riches of afro-descendant communities and Cali as the capital of the Colombian pacific.

In addition to being the epicenter of the pacific region, Cali is recognized at the international level as the world capital of salsa. A city where culture lives in each corner, and where creativity and innovation are the drivers of its development.